After nearly a decade of helping families and businesses move their belongings, MVM has mastered the art of getting items to their destination on time and in one piece. Over the years, we have been asked nearly every question related to moving, so we would like to share with you the answers to many of the same questions you may be facing.

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What if I only need one item moved within my house?

That’s OK! We help people all of the time moving single, in home items like bedroom sets, refrigerators, washers and dryers, pianos, you name it.

What is the best time of year to move?

MVM works with people from all parts of the country, experiencing all sorts of different weather conditions. There is never a “perfect” time to move, but the spring and fall months can bring a bit of reprieve from extreme weather conditions. We understand, however, that sometimes a big move needs to happen now, which is why we are prepared and equipped to move you any time of year.

How do we move the really heavy stuff up and down stairs?

MVM Moving & Storage has invested in the state-of-the-art equipment needed to tackle the extremely risky maneuver of heavy items like gun safes, pianos, and hot tubs. We made the choice to invest in this equipment to protect our most valuable asset, our dedicated team of movers. Rest assured that the men handling your move are professionals trained in a way that will protect both themselves and your belongings. 

How do you charge for moving or packing services?

  • For local moving, we charge hourly for our services based on the number of movers and trucks that you need. Our billable time is roundtrip from the time we leave our facility until we return with no additional charges for destination, fuel, trucks, or other standard equipment. There can sometimes be additional charges for specialty or very difficult to move items such as pianos, safes, fireproof cabinets, hot tubs, and commercial-quality gym equipment. All of our charges are discussed up front so there are no surprises on move day.
  • When moving out of the Columbus, Ohio area (across the state or across the country) we also charge hourly based on the crew size and equipment that you will need for your job. In addition, long distance jobs will also carry a fuel charge as well as an overnight fee if we need to provide food and lodging out of town. All moves are different, the best thing to do is call us to get a quote over the phone or schedule a time for an estimator to come take a look at the scope of your job.
  • We do not bill for lunches, breaks, or any time not directly associated with your move.
  • Any materials such as boxes, tape, or packing paper are billed out based on what you actually use. Pricing information can be found here MVM Moving & Storage Moving Supply List
  • Special equipment charges can vary depending what you may need. Car dollies, rental trucks, trailers, or other special equipment can be quoted at any time.

Do you offer moving supplies?

Yes, we do. We have a variety of common moving supplies in stock at our warehouse available for customer pickup during normal business hours or for scheduled delivery.

Our standard inventory includes:

  • Heavy Duty Boxes (Small, Medium, Large, XLarge)
  • Packing Paper
  • Heavy-Duty Tape
  • Commercial Tape Guns
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Mattress Bags
  • Plastic Wrap

Specialty packing materials are available through special order with a 1-2 week turnaround time.

What time do you start working?

Typically, we start our morning work at 8am, meaning that our trucks leave our facility promptly at 8am to head to your load up. We are centrally located and reach most places in the Columbus area within 10-20 minutes.

Afternoon jobs have no firm start times as we only have a single shift that starts at 8am. We are happy to accommodate afternoon moving, but the start times are dependent on that morning's work. Normal start times for afternoon jobs are between noon and 2pm, but can certainly be earlier or later than that, depending on our work load. We call our afternoon appointments before the guys are dispatched to make sure that you are available to meet them.

What happens if there is bad weather on move day?

Ohio weather can certainly be unpredictable at times, but we don't let that stop us from getting your job done! Most of the weather in the area is easy enough to work through without safety or damage concerns. During hard rain, our guys might take a break until the cell passes (which you would not be billed for). During winter months, we sometimes delay start times in the morning during heavy snow or ice to give plow trucks enough time to clear the roads and give our trucks plenty of time to warm up. If you prefer to change your move date due to weather, simply give us a call and we can work to find another date that may work better for you.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

You bet! We are one of very few moving companies that takes the laws and regulations very seriously and are completely compliant with all licensing requirements. We are fully licensed and insured (we are not bonded as that is not required with the insurance that we carry) to operate interstate and intrastate household goods moves for both residential and commercial customers.

Our license numbers are below for your reference:
USDOT: 2834157
MC: 947899

Any further questions or requests for information regarding the status of our licensing and insurance can be directed to

Do I need to be present for the entire move?

No, you do not need to be present for our guys to move you. Before we begin moving, we do need to review our contract and reimbursement options with someone and get signatures on our contract to begin work. If you cannot be present at your move, we ask to please coordinate that with us up front or have a friend or family member present that knows exactly what needs to be done.

Do I need to take apart my beds or other large furniture?

Nope! Our guys all have tool kits with almost anything they could need to basic disassembly and reassembly of beds, desks, tables, and most other commons household items. We are happy to reassemble your items for you at your new home as well!

How early do I need to schedule my move?

Schedule movers as far in advance as you can. In the summer months, we tend to fill our schedule up 2-4 weeks in advance, while in the winter we book up 1-2 weeks in advance. Weekends are usually more desirable and Fridays and Saturdays are usually the first to fill up. If you can't allow for much notice, just call us to check our schedule and we would be happy to work with you to find a day and time that works. 

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