Weighing in at several hundred pounds, pianos can be incredibly delicate instruments. When it comes to moving a piano, it’s essential you hire a professional to do the job right and protect your instrument. MVM Moving & Storage is trained and experienced in moving a variety of pianos within your home, in the local Columbus area and in Ohio-based long distance moves.

Moving a Piano in Columbus, Ohio

Our team at MVM Moving & Storage has extensive experience moving pianos and other specialty items. A crew of three movers can carry upright pianos, play pianos, baby grand pianos and most organs, up to 500 lbs. At this time, we do not offer grand piano moving services.

As a local Ohio moving company, MVM Moving & Storage can tackle a wide variety of piano moving circumstances, including:

  • Within a home
  • Up and down stairs
  • From one home to another in the local Columbus area and in the state of Ohio
  • Long distance from Ohio to another state, or from another state to Ohio
  • Into city high-rise apartments and condos

Piano Moving Costs

The cost of moving a piano with MVM Moving & Storage varies with the moving circumstances and size of the piano. In general, we charge an hourly moving rate, plus an additional piano surcharge. This surcharge can vary based on the difficult of the move and weight of the piano. For a more specific price quote, call our MVM Moving & Storage office at 614-230-0667.

The Piano Moving Process

Pianos are complex instruments because they seem indestructible, weighing in at several hundred pounds, but are actually quite delicate due to the hammers and strings on the inside. As a result, it takes a highly skilled team of movers to correctly transport a piano without damaging it, or the homes it’s moved out of and into.

When moving your piano, the MVM Moving & Storage team starts by covering doorways with door jamb pads to protect the space the piano is being moved from. Other equipment we use to safely move your instrument include piano ramps that are placed over porch steps and other areas with a small rise, and four-wheeled carts to roll the piano on. These carts are preferable to built-in casters on pianos because the wheels degrade and break over time, causing damage to hardwood and other soft floor types.

The size of your piano and your home will determine how it’s moved. Upright pianos can typically be moved in an upright position, for example, while we normally move a baby grand piano on its side after taking the legs off. MVM Moving & Storage will never remove the keys from your piano — also known as “keyboarding” — because this can damage the instrument.

Our pianos movers will carry your instrument into the moving truck unwrapped, at which point we will cover the piano. If requested, the MVM Moving & Storage team can also shrink wrap your piano.

Insurance for Moving Your Piano

MVM Moving & Storage is fully insured to conduct professional home and business moving in the state of Ohio. This universal insurance policy covers moving pianos, and does allow for a reimbursement rate if an item is damaged. Additional insurance coverage is also available for purchase. If you have more questions about our insurance coverage, please visit our FAQ page.

Moving Your Piano with MVM Moving & Storage

Since our founding in 2006, Ohioans have been trusting MVM Moving & Storage with their pianos and other treasured belongings. We are committed to providing an exceptional level of customer service, and hire only the best, most experienced movers to help us fulfil this mission. As a result, we’ve earned hundreds of positive reviews from customers like you on social media sites, Angie’s List and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

When you’re ready to move your piano — whether it be across Ohio, the country or to a different floor in your home — MVM Moving & Storage would love the pleasure of serving you. To schedule a complimentary home visit or receive a price quote, please call 614-230-0667.

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