MVM Cargo Protection Options

As a moving company, we are responsible for the value of the goods we move. MVM Moving & Storage offers multiple levels of cargo protection, so you can ensure you have the best coverage for you. You will have the opportunity to select your level of coverage on your moving estimate. The coverage levels we offer are:

  1. Minimal Reimbursement: We will reimburse youat a rate of 60 cents per pound for anything damaged or lost during your move. This policy is part of your move at no additional charge.
  2. Full Value Replacement: With this option, we will reimburse you up to the replacement value you have declared for anything lost or damaged. Full value coverage is billed at the rate of 2% of your declared value.

In addition to coverage through MVM Moving & Storage, home and renter insurance policies will often cover your belongings. We recommend talking with your insurance company to confirm their policies on your coverage and deductibles.

Additionally, moving companies may also reserve the right to repair items that were damaged during the moving prior to replacing them, regardless of the coverage you select. If so, this must be stated in your written estimate.

During Transportation, Moving Companies Are Responsible for The Value of Your Items. Know Your Coverage Options & Choose the One That is Right for You.
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