Moving can be stressful, especially when it involves temporary housing due to work or couch surfing while your new home is under construction. To offer you peace of mind and make your move as easy and affordable as possible, MVM Moving & Storage offers storage to compliment our moving services.

How It Works

Our team will inventory all of your items before they are stored in large, wooden 5-by-7-by-8-foot shipping vaults. We offer storage solutions on a month-to-month basis, with prorated rates for mid-month moves.

Every MVM Moving & Storage move starts with a free consultation. When you talk with our experienced estimators over the phone or in person, they will ask you questions about your belongings to help determine how many storage vaults you may need. Our 4,000-square-foot Columbus warehouse can hold 110 vaults. Large items that cannot fit into the vault, such as a piano, will be individually wrapped, labeled with your information and stored on pallets in the warehouse.

On moving day, our professional crews will arrive at your home or business to load up our box trucks with your items. The team will then transport your belongings to our storage facility and load the shipping vault efficiently to maximize space and protect your items. When it comes time to deliver your items, our team will unload everything in the crate back into our trucks and deliver to your new location. To minimize your time and effort involved in the move, our team handles this process internally, so there’s no need for you to be present after we leave and before we arrive at your location.

Benefits of Warehouse Storage

Although self-storage units have become popular in recent years, we believe warehouse storage using our vault system offers many benefits self-storage doesn’t:

  • Easy for You – Unlike self-storage units that require you to provide the labor, our storage solutions make moving easy. Our crew of experienced, professional movers will load and transport your items to our Columbus warehouse, pack the shipping vault, unpack the vault, and transport and deliver your items — all without you having to be present or lift a finger.
  • Efficiency – Having your shipping vault loaded by professionals allows for the most efficient moving experience when it comes time to deliver your items. Because our team packed the vault, they will know exactly where large, heavy or fragile items and how best to pack the truck. Storage in our warehouse also saves travel time because our belongings will be located on-site.
  • Cost Effective – We offer affordable storage solutions priced per vault per month. We gladly prorate mid-month moves and charge for this service after delivery, rather than during the months you stored items with us.
  • Materials – If you store any large or fragile items with us, we will use professional moving supplies like furniture pads and straps to carefully wrap and secure your items in the vaults. We will leave these supplies on your items throughout your time storing with us at no extra cost.
  • Security – Your items will remain under lock and key at all times while in storage with us. All shipping vaults are self-contained and locked, and are stored in our secure warehouse. Only MVM Moving & Storage staff can access our warehouse; customers do not have access to their vaults while in storage with us, meaning there is no public access to the warehouse and no risk of someone accessing your items.

Who Uses Warehouse Storage?

There are many advantages to our warehouse storage service, including a high level of security, ease of moving and cost efficiency. In order to maintain all three of these benefits, we do not offer self-service storage. You will not be able to access your items while they are in storage.

For this reason, we find people in certain situations benefit most from using our storage vaults:

  • Traveling professionals, such as doctors and nurses, who may be leaving Central Ohio for several months
  • People who have sold their current home and are waiting for construction on their new home to complete
  • College students who are moving out of their dorm for the summer and need to store their belongings locally
  • Businesses that are between locations
  • People with busy schedules who want the MVM Moving & Storage team to handle loading and unloading the shipping vault without their supervision

Our storage services are appropriate for both local moves and long distance moves that start or end in Central Ohio.

Storing Solutions with MVM Moving & Storage

MVM Moving & Storage has proudly been providing storage services in Central Ohio for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on hiring top-notch movers from our local community, and regularly invest in training our team so they are prepared for any challenges your move may pose.

Our team is known locally for offering prompt, polite and professional service at the right price point. We’re proud to have earned hundreds of positive reviews from Ohioans on Angie’s List and social media, and we’re honored to have been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. If you’d like to experience budget-friendly, professional and hassle-free moving or storage, call us today at 614-230-0667.

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